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Designed to provide versatility and consistency

Biogelx’s new generation bioink hydrogel scaffolds are based on a two-peptide system: a hydrophobic ‘gelator’ peptide (Fmoc-diphenylalanine), and a hydrophilic ‘surfactant’ (Fmoc-serine). The peptides self-assemble to form fibres in aqueous environments. In the presence of Ca2+ ions, these nanofibers cross-link to form the hydrogel. The result is a nanofibrous network with a similar nanoscale matrix structure to that of the native extracellular matrix (ECM) in human tissue.

Biogelx™-INK has rheological properties that have been optimized for bioprinting applications and can be printed with great fidelity to provide a self-supporting 3D scaffold.

Biogelx™-INK prints without the need for temperature or pH adjustment, UV curing, or addition of reactive cross-linking reagents, all of which can be detrimental to the health of cells. The gelation is simply triggered by the addition of cell culture media; thus, users have complete control of the process.

Biogelx™-INK has been designed to work easily and accurately with both extrusion-based and ink-jet printers to produce high-quality and reliable prints.

Researchers all over the world have been using Biogelx™ hydrogel scaffolds with fibroblasts, human liver cancer (HepG2), pulmonary adenocarcinoma (A549), human colon cancer (HCT116, HCT119), human MSCs, and breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines, amongst others.

Biogelx™ products contain no animal-derived materials. Instead they are composed of biologically relevant peptides, which are synthetically prepared and thus display consistent physical properties during manufacture. This reproducibility, along with strict in-process control and QC analysis guarantees batch to batch consistency to provide a versatile and reproducible platform for the development of 3D cell culture models for development of drug discovery assays, development of ATMPs and many other 3D cell culture applications.

The only one material which gives you reproducibility, mechanical tunability, 100% control

The “surfactant” functionality of the peptide fibres can be modified to incorporate various biomimetic peptide sequences from key extracellular matrix proteins, thereby encouraging better cell-matrix interactions to provide an optimal environment for the culture.

Biogelx™-INKs are available in:


Biogelx™-INK Strain Sweep

Biogelx™-INK Flow Sweep