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3DBS participates in the construction of the future of regenerative medicine by developing equipment and applications that support the development of biomimetic tissues and functional in vitro models.

3D Biotechnology Solutions

3DBS develops customized biomanufacturing equipment to meet the most varied research demands.


Fully Three-Dimensional Bioprinted Skin Model

An alternative bioprinted skin model that replaces animal testing. Providing tools currently used to assess the safety and efficacy of new cosmetics and medical products.

Inspired by the structures of nature, our goal is to enable the reconstruction of biomimetic tissues and organs that act as native tissues.

Who we are

Inspired by nature’s structures, we rebuild tissues 3DBS is a Brazilian startup founded in 2017 that develops in vitro skin models and scaffolds, using proprietary technologies, as 3D bioprinting and electrospinning.

We also develop biomanufacturing technologies meeting the specific demands of our customers.

We believe that the future of tissue engineering lies in collaboration and joint efforts that will enable innovative applications for regenerative medicine.


3DBS works on different fronts to support your research




Biofabrication Services

Our Team

Ana Luiza Millás


Dr. Ana Millás is a biologist, with a postdoctoral degree from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at USP/São Paulo, a PhD in Materials and Bioprocess Engineering and a master’s degree in Polymer Technology from the School of Chemical Engineering at UNICAMP. She carried out part of her research in internationally renowned centers and institutions, including Cornell University in the United States, Nottingham Trent University, and The Electrospinning Company in England.

Pedro Massaguer


Business Developer, specializes in Strategic Business Management. He completed a master’s and doctorate in the Scientific and Technological Policy program at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). He has experience in innovative technology-based projects, business development and strategic planning in the area of ​​Biotechnology.

Hamilton Oriente


Graduated in Electrical Technology with emphasis in Electronics from Universidade Mackenzie, post-graduated in Quality and Productivity from USP – Fundação Carlos Alberto Vanzolini and in Management Development from Faculdade Getulio Vargas. He is specialized in the manufacturing of 3D printers based on FDM processes, and in the construction of small CNC equipment with 3 and 4 axes.

Mauro Bento de Oliveira


Electromechanical technician with experience in the area of ​​microelectronics, graphic design, and development of equipment in the area of ​​additive manufacturing.

Karen Galvão

FAPESP scholarship

Bachelor in Biological Sciences at UNICAMP. She received a scholarship at the Cell Biology and Human Physiology laboratory at UNICAMP, where she worked with cardiac tissue remodeling and was an intern at the Nutrition and Cancer laboratory. She has experience in histological analysis, western blotting, and cell culture.

Geovany Candido

FAPESP scholarship

Graduated in Systems Development and Analysis at the School of Technology of Campinas – FATEC, technician in Electro-electronics by the Federal Institute of São Paulo and technician in Mechanics by Etec Bento Quirino. He has experience with several Additive Manufacturing processes (SLS, PolyJet, FDM, WaxJet and EBM) by CTI – Renato Archer.

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