optionals and consumables


Start your work with simple technology and, as your search progresses, attach options to increase your bioprinter’s functionality.

Inox Syringe

INOX syringe for extrusion of polymers in pellets and granules. Heating up to 180 ° C.

Rotating Collector

Rotating collector for printing tubular structures in diameters of 4, 6 or 12 mm (customizable).

UV Curing System

UV curing system with 365 wavelengths (optional: 375, 385, 405nm), manually placed.

Hepa Filter

Hepa filter for unwanted particles and microorganisms.

Table Sensor

Sensor for automatic Z-axis positioning.


Attached camera for recording images.

Cooling system

Printhead cooling system down to 2°C.

customizable extrusion system

The customizable extrusion system has a head for extruding viscous solutions/bioinks, head heating control (60°C) or cooling system (2ºC). It has an external movement control system via Pronterface™ software. The unit can be customized according to a specific technical project.


3DBS also offers a range of consumables for routine use in your tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting laboratory.


Kit of hydrogels and polymer pellets with syringes and needles for first tests in our bioprinters.


Syringes, needles, tips, connectors and aseptic bottles.