3DBS-LNBioLiver Spheroid™


In Vitro MODEL 3DBS-LNBioLiverSpheroid™

In Vitro model developed by the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory – LNBio, part of the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials – CNPEM.

They are ideal for studies testing candidate drugs or biological products to treat diseases characterized by liver damage or absorption of substances in the liver. And also to analyze interactions between different models.

In Vitro model 3DBS-LNBioLiverSpheroid™

We develop alternative models of liver organoid to replace animal guinea pigs, providing the need for tests to evaluate the safety and efficacy of topical products such as medicines and cosmetics

Inspired by the structures of nature, our goal is to enable the reconstruction of tissues and biomimetic organs that act as native tissues

The model 3DBS-LNBioLiverSpheroid™ inserted in culture plates of 12 mm in diameter


Liver pethos iced optical microscopy with Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E) after cuts of 5 one in paraffin in an increase of 20x (left) and characterization of liver beeferoid by confocal microscopy, presenting blue cell nucleus (DAPI) and endoplasmic reticulum in green (anti-CYP3A4), in increase and 20x (right).


Measurement of cell viability (%) of liver beeferoids within 21 days after biofabrication, demonstrating the high viability of the model.


Expression of liver functionality markers on the first day of biofabrication until the 21 day, demonstrating an increase in the expression of markers characteristic of a real tissue.

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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries: Research institutes, public and private universities


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