Fibrilla Scaffold™: Fibrous matrices of PLGA

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images showing cells in scaffolds stained by platinum blue. (Ref: YUSUF et al., 2014) *

Fibrilla scaffolds™ are suitable for use in cell culture-based assays, including safety, toxicity and efficacy testing of a drug, as well as assessing the safety and toxicity of chemicals in the cosmetic and chemical industries. They can be used for the production of cellular supports used in the development of dressings and tissue implants.

Fibrilla scaffolds™ can be randomly oriented or aligned from the PLGA polymer for clinical use. This polymer is biocompatible and biodegradable, and is approved for use in humans by different regulatory agencies (FDA, ANVISA).

1 – Fibrilla Scaffold™ random fibers

2 – Fibrilla Scaffold™ aligned fibers

Fibrillas standard scaffold dimensions

Fibre diameter:700 nm – 5 microns
Depth:50 microns
Available in:12-well plate, in 6-well plate or sheets/discs