About Electrospinning

The electrospinning technique produces fibrous matrices for 3D cell culture from natural and / or synthetic polymers, called scaffolds. Scaffolds are carriers that mimic the extracellular matrix of tissues and enable three-dimensional cell culture. When compared to other fiber forming processes, electrospinning provides a simple and economical way to produce fibrous matrices with an interconnected pore structure and fiber diameters in the submicron strip.

This technique has received attention in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine due to:

  • Ease of producing ultrafine fibers at nano and micro scales;
  • Versatility, applies to a range of polymers, natural and synthetic, incorporating biomolecules;
  • Flexibility, possibility of diameter control and porosity, random or aligned sheets.

The combination of electrospinning and bioprinting techniques has shown promise for the development of new biomaterials and applications.